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This is a place for creative women that aspire to pave their own path by positioning their hobby as a service-based niche brand. Through strategic branding, creatives can curate a niche brand that has scalable and returnable clients. 

We serve women that see the value in their business, but have pain-points and are seeking out solutions.

Our signature course, The Niche Builders Lab, is our place to execute our mission of teaching brand equity tools that provide an intentional plan to succeed as a brand owner.

We love freebies and offer a wealth of information to help you outline the foundation for your brand. 

Our labs and signature course are designed to help you build from a place of confidence and clarity.


Leah is a multi-passionate creative and wedding planner. Her mission? Is to encourage + to inspire other women to turn their passions into profits and to develop their own brand. Leaving a 9-5 to pursue your own is an amazing opportunity; one every driven woman should experience. 

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As Leah grew in her wedding planning business, she found many women desiring to turn their own specific niche into a profitable brand. By providing a platform focused on the success of  women, she is able to teach action-oriented strategies that result in women manifesting their dreams. 


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signature course

Niche Builders Lab

You're a hobbyist ready to brand your niche. You've crafted your skills and you are ready to make your niche profitable. 

You've labored, researched and developed the perfect product for your ideal clients and now you're ready for an accountability coach to help you execute.

You've devoted countless hours to volunteering your time, but now you want to position yourself so that your time can be compensated at a premium price.

You’ve marked "launch" in your calendar as the day you want to share your business with the world. You have your product or service, but you want to master the steps to launching with confidence.

An 8-week intentional + effective system for creative female entrepreneurs ready to brand their hobby into a profitable niche. 



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