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I’m Leah, Your New Brand Strategist

Helping women elevate their brand, have consistent five-figure months + become known for their brilliance by curating strategic business models.

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Ready to Organize your Business Model to showcase your Expertise Online?

You're an established CEO, you have a vision, multiple things you desire to do + you're ready to get clarity and focus because one thing is powerful...

Through curated VIP Days, here's how I can  help:

Brand Consulting 


Tired of piecing your vision together? Let's create a business model that identifies your ideal client + your offers that are impactful for your audience in the various stages of their journey.  Create the client experience that highlights your expertise + removes the overwhelm.


Strategic Planning

Ready to grow, scale, + bring more people in?You currently have a program or offer that establishes you as the expert in your niche - but you want to enhance your offer with greater clarity + vision...join me for a 45- minute Strategic Planning Session to optimize your brand. 


Collateral Concierge

Is it time for consistent systems that save  time? 
Our concierge team will do the work to create an exceptional first impression, so you can focus on your genius zone without the small checklist.  

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Enneagram 6, coffee lover +  

I  started my business to help established service-based women elevate their brand + business model, so they can have consistent five-figure months with less overwhelm. 

Becoming known for your brilliance should be enjoyable, without chaos, and with great intention. As a creative, I love working with CEO's that know the impact they want to make in the world + have the vision to create the life they want.

Anything is possible with an intentional approach + strategic blueprint. Aligning your public persona with your ideal audience can amplify your presence, set you apart from others, and solidify your brilliance. 

My approach is quite easy, BRAND, STRATEGY, + (Intentional) IMPLEMENTATION. 



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How to turn your
              into your

Create a business model that will service your ideal client throughout their journey. 

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Signature Offer


Helping women show up confidently in their brilliance


Let's create your business model + signature offers as a reflection of your strengths, talent +
strategic framework.


while charging for their transformational

Kind Words

Working with Leah provided me the opportunity to get clearer and a lot more focused on my brand and target audience.

 I struggled with how to infuse my dream into my branding and messaging and Leah brought that to life beautifully.

 She helped me hone in on my target audience and craft my messaging and my offers to appeal to them in an way that I couldn’t before working with her.

— Asia, Podcast Host + mindset coach

Before I began working with Leah, I was at a loss for how
I could continue to propel my business forward. I was in need of
 some guidance.

Leah is easy to talk to and she can take your thoughts and
ideas and bring them to life.

The unique thing about Leah is that she does not make you feel like you are just another client. Every plan, every action, every phone call is tailored to what I needed for me and my business. Nothing about it was scripted.

My monthly sales have more than doubled as well as my social media presence and following.

—Whitney, Ebony Bea Boutique Owner

Leah is exactly the type of brand strategist I needed to partner with to discuss the next phase of my company's growth. During our call, she provided useful strategies with actionable recommendations to help me review and revamp the launch strategy for my new services. 

Throughout our conversation, she also showed real interest in seeing me win as a business owner which was really appreciated!

I highly recommend her for all things brand strategy. 

— Alexandra, Track My Money

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