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How To Find Content Everyday!

Finding content can be a struggle sometimes, but before giving you my top tips to find content, let’s see why content is so important to your business!

Great content helps you build trust with your target audience. If you are giving your audience content that is helpful and valuable to them (i.e. tackles their pain points), it will help you establish yourself as an authority that genuinely cares about them! And that is the shortest way to turn your leads into paying customers and raving fans.

Now, that you see the importance of content, here are a few ways that will help you find content this weekend that you can share next week or the weeks to come + you can do this by spending 30 minutes to an hour dedicated to your niche research:⠀

1. Grab magazines (old/new) and read a few articles. What tip(s) did you find that your audience would love to know about?⠀

If you prefer digital magazines – head over to Issuu and peruse their magazines. There is a wealth of content available. And it is easier to find content than you realize.⠀

2. Watch a documentary or niche related movie. The storyline can provoke thought + those ideas can then be used in your captions. ⠀

3. Have a conversation with family or friends. What are they discussing, thinking about + focused on? Those nuggets can be fuel for your next post. ⠀

4. Review your comments this weekend – did anything stand out?⠀

Finding content and actually writing that content is like building a muscle – the more often you do it the better you become!

If you still a little stuck with your content, you can always contact me. I am committed to seeing you thrive!

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