How Your Experience Can be Profitable

Leah Hall.Co Niche Brand Strategist, Your experience can be profitable!

November 17, 2020

I’m Leah.
Leah is the founder of Leah Hall, Branding with Focus, and the Curated Concierge. She's a true creative at heart and has a unique disposition to help people make their dreams a reality. Leah's goal is to help more womxn have consistent five-figure months so they can live life + enjoy it.  

Your experience can be profitable! Do you realize that? Do you know how to profit from your past experience? Read on …

Now that we’re discussing the notion of expressing our value – I want you to recall your previous experiences. ⠀

Can you count how many times you:⠀
*resolved an issue for someone that benefited them?⠀
*used your passion to create something others valued?⠀
*overcame a difficult situation and survived?⠀
*attended or completed a niche program for professional or self-growth?⠀

All of these accounts – plus so many more can be used to connect with your audience. ⠀

How do you use your experience as copy?

Nugget # 2- build your brand effectiveness based on your past experiences, include plus/deltas that relate to your audience. ⠀

In other words – use your experiences as copy to attract your audience.

(Pain-point) Sally has a difficult time organizing her day-to-day schedule and feels overwhelmed. ⠀

(Value-point) You’ve spent the last 3-5 years working in a high-energy workplace where you were able to manage multiple calendars, administrators + projects. ⠀

See – your experience can be profitable!

Share your expertise to solve her problem by speaking directly to her problem and by providing your information as a resource. Don’t be a car salesman right off the bat. Always seek to give as much value as you can!

You do not have to be an “expert” because for most of us life has been our university. You do however have to have the first-hand experience in what you’re offering. If you’re not continually learning or researching your niche – don’t offer services or products that you know nothing about. That’s dishonest.⠀

If you need help scaling your business, contact me – I am here for you or if you want to start the process right away, download my #1 guide, The PIER System-5 Steps to Add Multiple Streams of Income, to growing your business using your expertise.

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