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Before I began working with Leah. I was at a loss for how I could continue to propel my business forward.
I was in need of some guidance.

Leah is easy to talk to and she can take your thoughts and ideas and bring them to life.

The unique thing about Leah is that she does not make you feel like you are just another client. Every plan, every action, every phone call is tailored to what I needed for me and my business. Nothing about it was scripted.

My monthly sales have more than doubled as well as my social media presence and following.
-Whitney, Ebony Bea Boutique Owner

the Experience

Leah’s 5 Steps to Multiple Income guide covers every angle necessary to get clear about how to develop and streamline offers that will resonate with your ideal client and bring in more business without burnout. Her PIER system is a really smart and systematic approach business development from
idea to execution.
-Lisa, Designer + Copywriter

the Experience

Leah, you are brilliant to work with! You not only met all my timescales but you were better than anyone else I have worked with so far.
-Roksana, Transformation Coach

the Experience

Working with Leah has given me education and empowered my creativity. 

I have learned the importance of hiring a coach that understands your brand from the inside out. Her services entailed all the resources for me to understand not only how to build my brand, but the look and feel of it. 

 Leah is a visionary, and she has helped me take my business to the next level. I made a great investment having Leah as my coach.
-Phyllis, Fibroid Queen + Fitness Coach

the Experience

I feel so lucky to have worked with Leah. She is the leader and supporter you need for branding yourself
and your company. 
Her guidance and mentorship was invaluable, and she always thought five steps ahead for my company. Her insight to the industry and foresight will always be valuable to me. 
-Allison, Blogger + Speaker

the Experience