Let's Package Your Brilliance as Your Signature Offer

One offer (to start with) is a benefit as you build out your business model + curated 

  Offer Suite.



My Story

My journey to becoming a Brand Strategist wasn't a linear path.

While my Humanities background equipped me with critical thinking and analysis skills, it was witnessing the struggles of service-based entrepreneurs firsthand that truly sparked my passion.

Seeing talented individuals overwhelmed by complex business models motivated me to create my own approach, one that combines the power of creativity and design - with strategic solutions.


VIP Days

Create an intentional business model with strength-based services with consistent branding + a structured
client journey.

Brand Design

Remove the extra steps it takes to call in your audience. We can design + establish your brand assets and Intellectual Property as high-end creatives. 


Ready for the next step in your business? Or maybe you have one item that you want to conquer...join me for a 60-Minute consultation to work through your one specific focus.

Strategic Planning

Within strategic planning we can curate your next offer, service, the curriculum outline for your program and/or the processes needed to expedite your offer.

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Branding With Focus

Define your Signature Capsule Suite Offers

To create a 3-Part offer system to serve your audience exactly where they are in their business journey.
We develop your Signature Capsule Suite of Offers based on three pivotal areas in your clients business so that you can support them with the framework that supports their growth.
Our work is not funneled within one area of your business - we evaluate your brand + develop the capsule that
defines your business. 

Where do they Start?

Where are they going?

where are they aspiring to?

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Branding Beyond A Logo

Branding is not a logo, handle, or L  L  C... 

Clarify your brand position and lucrative offer so your brand can speak for itself. 
 Branding Beyond A Logo is an intentional 5-Week Incubator to build your brand + business model with a clearer picture that looks beyond the business norm. 
Capture the essence of your business with captivating components to convert your ideal audience. 

identify your signature style

so you can grow with consistent projections

AND showcase your expertise

Ready to work together?

Our services include intentional work within brand development, strategic planning, design + implementation consulting. 

A Partnership, to enhance your brand would be right if...

You're a visionary with exceptional ideas - you may even launch them simultaneously.

Yes, I am ready to grow

You're connecting with your "ideal" audience - possibly having
consultation calls.   

You're showing up - but you would like the message to be more refined + direct to speak to your audience.

You have a proven offer, product, or service + a commitment to the work we would complete.

How does this sound?

the results you're going to get:


Replace the need to work hard. Business should be enjoyable - craft the foundation that sets the tone for your brand.


Align your work with the ideal clients that not only invest with confidence, but support the work you're doing. 


Move beyond struggling to develop content. Curate the message that speaks to your ideal audience by way of your offers.


Build based on your strengths - remove your self doubt + embrace your brilliance.


Take the Go-Live schedule we provide + simply show up for your audience in a way that feels good for you!

Kind Words

Working with Leah provided me the opportunity to get clearer and a lot more focused on my brand and target audience.

 I struggled with how to infuse my dream into my branding and messaging and Leah brought that to life beautifully.

 She helped me hone in on my target audience and craft my messaging and my offers to appeal to them in a way that I couldn’t before working with her.

— Asia, Podcast Host + mindset coach

Before I began working with Leah, I was at a loss for how
I could continue to propel my business forward. I was in need of
 some guidance.

Leah is easy to talk to and she can take your thoughts and
ideas and bring them to life.

The unique thing about Leah is that she does not make you feel like you are just another client. Every plan, every action, every phone call is tailored to what I needed for me and my business. Nothing about it was scripted.

My monthly sales have more than doubled as well as my social media presence and following.

—Whitney, Ebony Bea Boutique Owner

Leah is exactly the type of brand strategist I needed to partner with to discuss the next phase of my company's growth. During our call, she provided useful strategies with actionable recommendations to help me review and revamp the launch strategy for my new services. 

Throughout our conversation, she also showed real interest in seeing me win as a business owner which was really appreciated!

I highly recommend her for all things brand strategy. 

— Alexandra, Track My Money


It’s never too late
to pivot your
+ legacy.
Create a brand
that illuminates your 

let's work together

We're Better Together

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