The 3 greatest benefits from implementing business systems

Leah the Niche Branding Coach, benefits of implementing business systems

December 1, 2020

I’m Leah.
Leah is the founder of Leah Hall, Branding with Focus, and the Curated Concierge. She's a true creative at heart and has a unique disposition to help people make their dreams a reality. Leah's goal is to help more womxn have consistent five-figure months so they can live life + enjoy it.  

There’s no lack in the world for growth – only the strategy. Today you can begin to implement three business strategies for success.

Develop your strategy today so you can see the growth consistently in your business. It costs more to piece the plan together versus having the support and guidance to develop the plan.

Your business systems for success are not simply ideas – they are automations, scripts, workflows, + actions that lead to greater results.

Most entrepreneurs tend to avoid the things that they don’t want or lack time to understand. But systems and processes are what will bring tremendous benefits to your business once you start implementing them. 

In this blog post, I want to show you the three biggest reasons why systems are important and why you should implement them in your business as soon as possible.

First things first, what are business systems?

Think of systems as the way you do something specific for your business. It is a specific course of action that you can take, specifically designed to attain a particular result. And implementing business systems is the only way to achieve consistent and measurable results.

Still a little unclear on what a system is?

If you are hiring an office assistant, you can create a specific phone answering system that will help both the assistant and the potential customer reduce errors and increase customer retention. 

This phone answering system can contain a script on how she is expected to answer the phone and what information should be collected during the phone call.

It may also include information on how to answer’s customers’ questions, when the call should be transferred, to whom she should transfer the call, etc. 

See, the overall goal of the business systems is to HELP your business scale and thrive. 

And if you are still a little doubtful, let me quickly show you the three greatest benefits you get when you implement strategic systems!

  1. Business systems make your brand thrive.

Good systems take the inefficiency out of the questions and deliver what the customer wants to receive. The answer to the low profits, inadequate cash flow, daily frustration, and so many business problems that each business faces every day is implementing the right systems.

Remember what Michael Gerber said: “Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant.”

  1. Business systems reduce costs and make your brand more organized.

In today’s business, quality is what matters the most. If you do one and the same task over and over again, you might get tired and make a mistake. 

For instance, to achieve XYZ, you first have to do A, B, and C. But you do only A and C and deliver the result as XYZ. Then, you realize oh, may I made a mistake- I forgot about the B. 

Implementing a system and making sure you follow it can grow your brand into a seamless system, that supports you, your delivery of offers, + ideal clients.

  1. Effective business systems provide consistency.

Once you have created your systems, your team can consistently follow the steps and produce the same level of output. You, on the other hand, can monitor how the system works and improve if necessary. 

And the greatest benefit is for your clients – as you produce consistent results, they know what to expect from your business.

So, know that you know what the systems are, its time to identify yours. What is the #1 system you have in your business now that attracts the right clients?

Not sure how to build the right systems for your business and how to elevate them? No worries, I am here to help!

If you are ready to transform your business and to align your intellectual property, book your 30-minute free discovery call HERE! What you have to lose? Thirty minutes of your time versus the opportunity to grow and transform your business! Book your free call HERE!

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