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The Value You Bring is Worth the Investment

The next time someone tells you that your prices are too high or they try to get you to reduce your investment price…remember the value you bring is worth the investment. Don’t decrease or minimize your brilliance.⠀

Your value is not solely predicated on the cost, but the transformation or journey that you provide to your ideal client that allows for either quick wins or the foundation to garner wins in the future.

As an entrepreneur, it can be awkward discussing money or even the costs of your product or service. You have the ability to change that and to position yourself as a valuable commodity. ⠀

Know your audience

Remember – your experience in both your professional life, educational pursuits, and the programs you have invested in to build your authority all speak to the value you bring to your clients!

This week I’m sharing the nuggets for positioning yourself in such a way that your value is what prospects seek after. ⠀

01. Nugget # 1 – Before you start selling a product or service – find + know your audience. 🙌🏾⠀

02. You can’t generally speak to everyone and expect the right person to find you. ⠀

03. Being broad is a # nobueno business approach. Unless you’re Walmart.⠀

Here’s the challenge for you!

In Niche Builders Lab I express repeatedly – did I say repeatedly – the importance of knowing your audience. ⠀

Imagine going to your doctor’s office and the nurse comes out and says “everyone here for this and that stand up.”😳 ⠀

You want your provider to know you – your needs, pain-points, and for them to provide value-points. ⠀

This week I challenge you to research your audience and to identify 3 pain-points that they have. Then evaluate your product or service…do you have their value-point? ⠀

Ready to start increasing your income?

If you want some help, I am here for you. Contact me, and let’s discuss how we can make your value worth the cost!

To start the process of identifying how you can increase your income by way of your expertise, download my go-to guide for helping entrepreneurs increase their income by using their expertise.

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